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ERC 32 Ribbon Cassette (2 Pack) - Purple

ERC32 Ribbon Cassette (2 Pack) - Purple

was £12.95 save £4.75

Price excl. VAT £8.20 £9.84 Inc. VAT

Free Next Day Delivery

On orders placed up to 4pm

This product is currently unavailable.

Product Description

** This is a special offer for TWO ERC 32 Ribbon Cassettes. **

Due to the subsequent postage costs all our ribbon cassettes are sold in twin packs to enable us to continue with our policy of free delivery on every item.

Compatible with the following:

Casio TK 2500
Casio TK 2700
Casio TK 3100
Casio TK 6000
Casio TK 6500
Casio TK 7000
Casio TK 7500
Casio PCR 1000

CRS 2170

Datasym SC6000C

Epson 820
Epson 825
Epson ERC-32
Epson M820
Epson M825
Epson M-U420
Epson RP-U420
Epson TM-H6000 II
Epson TM-H6000
Epson TM-U672
Epson TM-U675
Epson TM-U675

Fujitsu DT50II

Geller ET-6600
Geller MP2


NCR 2170 K-079
NCR 2170 K-083
NCR 2170 K-088
NCR 2170 K-097
NCR 2170 K-098
NCR 2170 K-183
NCR 2170 K-188
NCR 2173

Olympia CM-2020
Olympia CM-2220

Panasonic 500
Panasonic 5000
Panasonic JS-500
Panasonic JS-5000
Panasonic JS-510

Posiflex PP-2000

Sharp ER-3120
Sharp ER-3550
Sharp ER-A510
Sharp ER-A510S
Sharp ER-A550
Sharp ER-A550S
Sharp ER-A570
Sharp ER-A610
Sharp ER-A650

Siemens Beetle 20

TEC MA 1350
TEC MA 1530
TEC MA 1535

TOWA ET 6600
TOWA ET 7626 F
TOWA ET 7626

Uniwell NX 5400
Uniwell SX6600
Uniwell UX50
Uniwell UX60
Uniwell UX60F

Plus many more!


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