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57x55mm Thermal Paper Till Rolls (20 Per Box)

57x55mm Thermal Paper Till Rolls (20 Per Box)

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On orders placed up to 4pm

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Product Description

57mm x 55mm Thermal Paper Till Rolls boxed in 20's.
If you need any help finding the right till rolls then please do not hesitate to call us on 08706 260315 or email us at and we will help direct you towards the correct purchase!

Compatible with the following:

Casio SE-S10
Casio SE-S10MD

Casio SE-S100
Casio SE-S300
Casio SE-S300MD
Casio SE-S2000
Casio SE-S2000MD
Casio SE-C300
Casio SE-C300MD
Casio SE-C2000
Casio SE-C2000MD

Casio SE-C450

Able AP1310
Able AP1310-DC
Able AP1310-IR

Artema Thales Desktop

Ascom EFT-10P

Axalto Magic 6000

Axiohm A620
Axiohm TPOS

Barclays TT41 (Thermal)
Barclays TT42 (Thermal)

Casio TE-100
Casio TE-2000
Casio TE-2200
Casio TE-2400
Casio TE-3000
Casio TE-4000
Casio TE-4500
Casio TE-8000
Casio TE-8500
Casio TE-M80
Casio TKT-200
Casio TKT-500
Casio TKT-5000

Dione Xchequer
Dione Xchequer

Elite CR202

Fidelity CR30T

Fortronic TT41 (Thermal)
Fortronic TT42 (Thermal)

Geller AX-100
Geller AX-200
Geller ML-790
Geller SX-580
Geller SX-590
Geller SX-680
Geller SX-690
Geller SX-850
Geller TL-550
Geller TX-500

HSBC Cardmate XT52

Hypercom Artema Desk
Hypercom Artema Hybrid
Hypercom ICE5700Plus
Hypercom ICE6500
Hypercom ICE7000
Hypercom Optimum T4100
Hypercom T7PT

Ingenico F45
Ingenico TT41 (Thermal)
Ingenico TT42 (Thermal)

JCM Gold Gold

Ocius ECR 6700
Ocius ECR 6920F

Olivetti ECR 350
Olivetti ECR 5500
Olivetti ECR 5800
Olivetti ECR 6700
Olivetti ECR 6800
Olivetti ECR 6900
Olivetti ECR 7700
Olivetti ECR 7900

Sam4s ER-230
Sam4s ER-260
Sam4s ER-380M
Sam4s ER-390M
Sam4s ER-5200M
Sam4s SER-7000

Samsung Bixolon STP/103/103DK
Samsung CR-100
Samsung CR-120
Samsung ER-100
Samsung ER-120
Samsung ER350
Samsung ER-380M
Samsung ER-390M
Samsung ER5200
Samsung ER-5200M
Samsung ER5215
Samsung ER-5215M
Samsung ER5240
Samsung ER-5240
Samsung ER-5240M
Samsung ER550
Samsung ER-650
Samsung ER7400
Samsung Sam4s ER-260
Samsung STP-103

Schlumberger Magic 6000
Schlumberger Magic 6100

Sharp ER-A280F
Sharp ER-A280N
Sharp UP-600
Sharp XE-A113
Sharp XE-A202
Sharp XE-A203
Sharp XE-A212
Sharp XE-A213
Sharp XE-A303

Thales Artema (Desktop)
Thales Cardmate XT52
Thales XT52

Toshiba FS-1535
Toshiba MA-1595
Toshiba TRJST-52

Tysso PRP-058

Uniwell EX 570
Uniwell EX 575
Uniwell LX 5700
Uniwell LX 5750
Uniwell PX 5750
Uniwell PX 6700
Uniwell PX 6750
Uniwell QX 8000

Plus many more!


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