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Motex 2612 /6 Pricing Gun


The Motex 2612/6 pricing gun has one line of print containing six digits for pricing upto £99.99 or €99.99

The Motex 2612/6 pricing gun uses our CT4 pricing gun label and the E4 / Motex price gun ink roller

Price: 23.50
“This gun is miles easier to load & alot lighter than our old guns. Great product.”
- James C   James C's Rating
“Good product, prompt delivery, the guns and labels came the next day.”
- Mr Dennis   Mr Dennis's Rating
“Excellent value for labels and guns; great quality products.”
- Paul T.   Paul T.'s Rating
“I have used these guns in Europe and loved them in our stores. I will be purchasing mine soon. Ehab.”
- Ehab   Ehab's Rating
“Excellent labeller, lightweight & cheapest I have paid for one to date. Was delivered on time next day & delivery was free as specified on the site.”
- Mark B   Mark B's Rating
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Hi, Just a note to say THANKS for your excellent service. My rollers were received this morning. I will definitely use you for future supplies.

Best regards,

Richard Electrohill.

Thank you for your prompt delivery


Collin McIntosh,

Senior Buyer, Pall Europe Ltd.

The service provided by price gun land is second to none, a very prompt and reliable service and very quick delivery, would not hesitate to recommend to others!

Jason Lea. Fast Track Trades Ltd.

Easy website to use, fast and friendly service, even when it comes to product exchanges. I will use again.



Hi, many thanks for the courtesy call to say the gun would arrive next day (and thanks for getting it here on time). Its a hundred times better than the existing one we have.



Categories - Till Rolls - A-Grade Paper
Price Gun Land > [Till Rolls - A-Grade Paper > 57x57mm A-Grade Paper Till Rolls - 5 Boxes (200 Rolls)]
Till Rolls from

A-Grade Paper Till Rolls from

57x57mm A-Grade Paper Till Rolls - 5 Boxes (200 Rolls)
57x57mm A-Grade Paper Till Rolls - 5 Boxes (200 Rolls)

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Rrp: 97.75
You Save: 47.00
Now: 50.75

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- All prices are in UK Pounds


57mm x 57mm A-Grade Paper Till Rolls boxed in 40's.

Make a saving with this fantastic offer for 200 rolls (5 boxes).


If you need any help finding the right till rolls then please do not hesitate to call us on 08706 260315 or email us at and we will help direct you towards the correct purchase!

Compatible with the following:

Casio 140CR

Casio 101S
Casio 103ER
Casio 104ER
Casio 105ER
Casio 110ER
Casio 110CR
Casio 114ER
Casio 115ER
Casio 116ER
Casio 117ER
Casio 120CR
Casio 120ER
Casio 130CR
Casio 160CR
Casio 168K
Casio 18
Casio 180ER
Casio 210ER
Casio 220ER
Casio 230ER
Casio 240CR
Casio 240ER
Casio 800ER
Casio 187
Casio 2102ER

Geller CX-200
Geller NT-1071
Geller NT-1081
Geller NT-1104
Geller NT-1108
Geller NT-1110
Geller PZ-1

Aster GA707

Elite CR101

Samsung ER-150
Samsung ER-290

Omron RS1004
Omron RS1008
Omron RS1110
Omron RS57
Omron RS7

Sharp ER-1017
Sharp ER-1700
Sharp ER-1772
Sharp XE-A110
Sharp XE-A120
Sharp XE-A130
Sharp XE-A102
Sharp ER1077
Sharp ER1080
Sharp ER1100
Sharp ER1772S
Sharp ER-A170
Sharp XE-A101

TEC MA2500

Epson TM-U220
Epson TM-U200

Sanyo ECR105
Sanyo ECR115
Sanyo ECR120
Sanyo ECR140
Sanyo ECR160
Sanyo ECR165
Sanyo ECR175
Sanyo ECR210
Sanyo ECR290

Olympia CM-720
Olympia CM-725
Olympia CM-730
Olympia CM-735
Olympia CM-1688
Olympia CM-1920
Olympia CM-720
Olympia CM-730
Olympia CM-735
Olympia CM-1688
Olympia CM-1920
Olympia CM-712
Olympia CM-711

Toshiba DRJST-50
Olivetti ECR 300

Wincor Nixdorf ND35
Wincor Nixdorf ND60
Wincor Nixdorf ND69
Wincor Nixdorf ND72

Aurora PT09PD
Aurora PT11PD

Olivetti ERC 2150
Olivetti ECR 2350
Olivetti ECR 5000
Olivetti ECR 5000
Olivetti ECR 6100
Olivetti ECR 7100

JCM Gold G105
JCM Gold G215

Toshiba MA-156
Toshiba MA-186
Toshiba DRJST-70

Samsung ER200
Samsung ER300

Uniwell U200

Sam4s ER-290

Plus many more!