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Motex 2612 /6 Pricing Gun

The Motex 2612/6 pricing gun is**One Of Our Most Popular Pricing Guns!!** which has one line of print containing six digits. This Motex price gun has both the Pound Sterling () and Euro () symbols in it's character set & pricing upto 99.99 or 99.99 is possible.

Comes with: Motex 2612/6 Pricing Gun, 1,500 White Peelable Price Labels & Instructions.

The Motex 2612/6 pricing gun uses our CT4 pricing gun label and the E4 / Motex price gun ink roller


Price: 23.50
“This gun is miles easier to load & alot lighter than our old guns. Great product.”
- James C   James C's Rating
“Good product, prompt delivery, the guns and labels came the next day.”
- Mr Dennis   Mr Dennis's Rating
“Excellent value for labels and guns; great quality products.”
- Paul T.   Paul T.'s Rating
“I have used these guns in Europe and loved them in our stores. I will be purchasing mine soon. Ehab.”
- Ehab   Ehab's Rating
“Excellent labeller, lightweight & cheapest I have paid for one to date. Was delivered on time next day & delivery was free as specified on the site.”
- Mark B   Mark B's Rating
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Hi, Just a note to say THANKS for your excellent service. My rollers were received this morning. I will definitely use you for future supplies.

Best regards,

Richard Electrohill.

Thank you for your prompt delivery


Collin McIntosh,

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The service provided by price gun land is second to none, a very prompt and reliable service and very quick delivery, would not hesitate to recommend to others!

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Easy website to use, fast and friendly service, even when it comes to product exchanges. I will use again.



Hi, many thanks for the courtesy call to say the gun would arrive next day (and thanks for getting it here on time). Its a hundred times better than the existing one we have.



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Motex 2616 Pricing Gun Starter Pack from
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Price marking guns with two lines of characters. Supplied in starter packs to ensure you get everything you need to get you started!

Monarch 1136 Price Gun Starter Pack
Monarch 1136 Price Gun Starter Pack

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Rrp: 125.65
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- All prices are in UK Pounds


The Monarch 1136 Price Gun is a 2 line pricing gun and part of the Monarch 1130 series. This monarch price gun allows print of 8 digits on the top line and 8 digits on the bottom line. It can print prices up to 9999.99 or print dates in numeric form (24.06.11).

The pricing gun has a hard outer casing, so it won't break easily, is easy to use and simple to reload with labels and ink. The Monarch 1136 uses a Monarch PB 1136 price gun ink roller.

This monarch pricing gun uses the Monarch 1136 price gun label and comes with instructions and ink roller.


* Make labeling simple, fast and hassle-free

* Print in up 16 positions on two lines of print

* Neat and clean snap-in/pop-out ink roller

* Covered label holder to keep labels clean

Labeler Capabilities

* Price items Over 100.00

* Unit Pricing (pkg., doz., etc.)

* Multiple Pricing (2 FOR, etc.)

* Was/Now Pricing

* SKU Code

* Vendor Code

* PLU Code

* Date & Time

* Two-line Comparison Pricing

* Shelf Labeling


Character set for the top line of the Monarch 1136 pricing gun:

Top line character set for the Monarch 1136 pricing gun

Character set for the bottom line of the Monarch 1136 pricing gun:

Bottom line character set for the Monarch 1136 pricing gun